Essex Capital Corporation

Essex Capital Corporation was founded in 1993 by Ralph T. Iannelli, its President and Chief Executive Officer. Essex Capital was formed to provide funding to credit worthy companies who choose to acquire assets via lease, rather than purchase.

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About ECC

Essex Capital acts as a financing source and lessor to credit worthy companies on a nationwide basis, leasing all assets except vehicles and commercial aircraft. Essex Capital originates its lease transactions through its own sales force and a network of brokers that Mr. Iannelli has worked with for over 28 years.

Essex Capital Venture Leasing’s structured financing provides companies with access to the equipment they need, while our knowledge and relationships with venture capital companies offers the partnerships needed to face the challenges in the market, together.

Our Projects

Our Services

Venture Capital Leasing

Essex Capital Venture Leasing works with top-tier venture capital firms to ...

Finance Segments

Essex Capital arranges debt or equity financing in several market segments, ...

Management Team

Essex Capital's management provides an actively managed approach towards our portfolio.

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