NEOS Therapeutics

The Neos Therapeutics team is dedicated to creating high-quality products and partnering with pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies to address key medical needs.

Neos Therapeutics’ research and development (R&D) and fully integrated state of the art, FDA approved manufacturing facility is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The Neos technologies have delivered a strong proprietary product portfolio of commercially available drugs in highly desirable dosage forms.

    • Controlled release (CR) oral disintegrating tablets (ODT)
    • Controlled release (CR) liquids 
    • Products are attractive to companies focused on pediatrics, psychiatry and primary care, amongst others

    • Well suited for large range of chronic disease markets including ADHD, CNS and Pain as well as acute Cough/Cold/Allergy therapies

    • Addresses unmet needs of large patient segments including pediatrics, adolescents, geriatrics and the 40% of American adults with difficulty swallowing pills (per Harris Interactive Survey)